Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring is in the air & our Vintage Wedding & Event planning...

Spring  fever is definitely in the air and this lovely spring like weather we are having has definitely geared us up for the spring! We have been busy doing some spring cleaning, fluffing and re-organizing! Lots of new items to see in the shop!

Some great items available to help get you all organized too!

& fun decorating items!

 If you haven't already heard about our lovely new adventure Unique Boutiques is now
offering Vintage Wedding & Event Planning! We also have available a whole array of wonderful items to rent like the one you see in the above picture. From chandeliers to vintage doors and dressers the list goes on!
You can find out a little more here
Or just pop on in the shop and find out more info and see what we have to offer to make your event the most Unique Event around!

Have a happy week!

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